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Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application
  1. We provide special information about scholarship opportunities in China including CSC scholarship for Post-Graduate applicants , Provincial Government scholarships, University scholarships and enterprise Scholarships  .
  2. Examine student’s documents and Eliminate all disadvantageous factors for our applicants.
  3. Submit the complete and correct application documents to the university
  4. Push universities and some cooperative Agencies to assess applicant’s documents and give the results in short period of time.
  5. Help applicants to fill out different application forms including scholarship and university application forms.
  6. We will give you scholarship advisor specially –assigned to follow up your case until your arrival in china and this is only done after the applicants pay for deposit fee and application fee such that we can start your process.
  7. payment method
    1. Bank Transfer
    2. Wechat Pay
    3. Alipay
    4. Paypal


N.B: The exact amount of Service Fee will be Charged according to the value of the scholarship we apply for you and we make sure that our students enjoyed all our services to work with EDUFINDERconslt

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