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Scholarship Application

We provide special information about scholarship opportunities in China including CSC scholarship for Post-Graduate applicants , Provincial Government scholarships, University scholarships and enterprise Scholarships. And Help students apply where they want effectively.   Read More>>>

Application Guidance

We provide good services for applicants by choosing best majors in best cities where they can find better opportunities to develop their careers.

Airport Pickup

We provide you with an easy journey from airport to university. When you arrive at airport after thousands of miles’ flight, it surely will bother you finding right direction, not to mention if the taxi driver take you to the wrong destination caused by the language barrier, or you cannot find the registration place after your arrival.

Now, EDUFINDERconslt Pickup Service will clear all these worries. Our staff will meet you at the arrival area of airport, holding high a cardboard with YOUR NAME on it. THIS IS FOR FREE CHARGE.  Click here to see pictures about airport pickup services for some our applicants

Visa Application Assistance

We help you acquire a valid visa to china with ease,

Before applying for visa we remind all students to contact their advisers such that we can provide good Services for our customer   Read More>>>

Air Ticketing Assistance

We provide special air ticketing assistance for our applicants by Making travel easier and cheaper is our commitment. We pride on providing turnkey travel solutions for our clients.
We also help students and group them together before they come in China such that no one can come alone as long as they’re from same country.

Bank Account Assistance

We know the value of bank account for international students in china and that’s why EDUfinder decided to add this service for our applicants . We also help our applicants to exchange their currency to Chinese RMB (yuan) and we advise all our applicants to come in China while they have US ($) such that they can exchange easily into local currency.

Part-time Jobs for Applicants

Don’t go far away why don’t you apply for being an EDUfinder Consultant’s Iagent? Just contact your advisor for more info and start to get your profits and help your friends.

Advance Information to Students

We give all necessary informations for our applicants before they come in china especially for what they need the most, and keep in touch with their admitted universities such that they can come safely.

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